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Applefest 2023

Applefest logo

Applefest serves as an integral event for the local La Crescent community. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the apple-inspired festivities. Featuring a wide range of events beginning August 18th and continuing through September 14th, Applefest promises a delightful blend of apple-inspired treats, events, and a warm community atmosphere. All funds from the annual parades, contests, tournaments, and golf events are given right back to the community. As one of the local sponsors for Applefest, Timeout Tavern is proud of the impact this festival continues to make on our community. Let’s dive into what Applefest is and how you should prepare for this festival of all things apple.

What is Applefest?

Applefest has been around since September 1949 with an original mission to increase La Crescent’s touristry and apple industry. Since 1949, board members have donated their time and money to make this festival happen. Functioning as a non-profit, Applefest Inc. has contributed to countless community projects including contributing funds for a swimming pool, playground equipment, beepers for the fire department, and many other projects.

What is there to do at Applefest?

The star of the show, obviously, is the apple. Made up of multiple events during the four weeks leading up to the big festival, Applefest keeps attendees and organizers busy. The main Applefest festival takes place from Friday, September 15th to Sunday, September 17th at Abnet Field La Crescent, Minnesota. From mid-August to mid-September, you can be immersed in La Crescent’s Apple history as it continues to thrive today.

What’s New at Applefest This Year?

So glad you asked! This year the Applefest Board of Directors are implementing a new event to start off the big weekend –a torchlight parade! Grab lanterns, bring glow sticks, and find a spot to watch the inaugural Applefest torchlight parade! Starting at 7:30 pm on Thursday, September 14th, the parade will travel through North Chestnut Street, downtown La Crescent, and Walnut Street. Stop by TimeOut Tavern on North Chestnut Street before or after the parade for food and drinks, or both! Thursday coincidentally features our weekly Thirsty Thursday Special which includes $1 off flatbreads, pizzas and apps, $.50 off all tap beers, $2.50 Cherry Bombs, and $5.00 Rum Doubles. While you’re at it, ask your bartender or server about some of our apple-inspired drinks to ring in Applefest right!

How Do I Sign Up/Nominate People for Applefest Events?

Applefest features a wide range of events throughout the four weeks leading up to the main festival. Don’t miss out on the fun events and community engagement Applefest has to offer! Check Applefest’s official website to stay up to date on deadlines, event locations, and times.



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