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From Wings to Pints: Your Guide to Wings and Beer Pairings

Wings and Beer Pairings

Draft beer handles in a line at the TimeOut Tavern bar.

At TimeOut Tavern, we don’t mess around when it comes to wings and beer. Our award-winning wing flavors paired with our wide selection of custom and domestic beers are highlighted weekly for our Wednesday wing night special. With ten mouthwatering flavors coating our traditional jumbo or boneless wings accompanied by your choice of dipping sauce, the wing-flavor-dipping sauce-beer combinations are endless! Instead of “winging” it, use this guide to help create the best wing and beer pairing catered to your taste.

Our Wings and Beer Guide

1. Buffalo Wings – Hoppy Crisp Beer

Who doesn’t love a good Buffalo wing? The mild spice and consistent flavor make this wing a popular choice. A wide range of beers go with this wing flavor, but we recommend trying hoppy crisp beer to balance out the spice with a bitter contrast. If you’re not a fan of hoppy beers, try any light crisp beer to help enhance the Buffalo flavor.

2. Bourbon BBQ Wings – Dark Brown Ale

Despite the name, our Bourbon BBQ wing flavor does not require a bourbon cocktail; unless of course, that’s what you’re in the mood for. We recommend trying a dark brown ale to match the deep smoky BBQ flavor of this wing.

3. Honey BBQ Wing – Honey Beer

This wing flavor is a delicious and popular flavor that combines the sweet and tangy notes of honey with the rich smoky taste of barbeque sauce. What better way to pair a honey wing than with a honey beer? Enhance the sweet honey flavor with something like Indeed’s Mexican Honey beer found on our draft list.

4. Parmaracha Wings (Wingfest Winner) - Light Beer

La Crosse’s annual Wingfest showcases the exceptional talents and innovative flavors of wing vendors around the area. Our Parmaracha wing flavor was awarded for its delicious spicy and savory combination between parmesan cheese and siracha. With the celebrated bold flavors of this wing, we recommend a light beer to help cleanse the pallet and enhance the award-winning flavor.

5. Parmesan Garlic Wing – Pale Ale

A hoppy pale ale has a crisp bitterness and a citrusy taste that can provide a pleasant contrast to the creamy savory parmesan garlic flavor. Ask your bartender about our pale ale on draft!

6. Sweet Chili Wing – Amber Ale

Finding a beer pairing for the Sweet Chili wings flavor requires a balance between the sweet, tangy, and spicy tastes it’s known for. We recommend trying an amber ale. Its malty sweetness pairs nicely with the flavor trifecta.

7. Siracha Honey Garlic Wings – Blonde Pale Ale

Similar to the Sweet Chili wings flavor, the Siracha Honey Garlic wings contain a sweet, savory, and spicy flavor. With so many bold flavors, we recommend trying something like a blonde pale ale to help enhance the sweet, savory, and spicy goodness of our Siracha Honey Garlic wings.

8. Tatonka Wings (Wingfest winner) - Malty Beer

Our hot Tatonka flavor is our second celebrated wingfest-winning flavor. If you love spicy hot flavors and want to enhance the heat, we’d recommend trying an IPA or something with a lot of hops. If you’re looking to cool down the taste buds after each bit of heat, we’d recommend a malty beer.

9. Wasabi Ranch Wings – Pilsner

Our hot and creamy Wasabi Ranch wings require a beer that can complement and balance the flavors. A clean crisp pilsner is a versatile choice for pairing with spicy foods. Its light body and mild bitterness make it a great choice for this wing.

10. Rotating Featured Flavor

Ask your waiter about the rotating featured wing flavor on our menu! Use what you’ve learned from this guide to help you pick an appropriate pairing to help you fully enjoy your wings and beer!

A pile of chicken wings coated in flavor sits upon a black and white checkered parchment paper lined basket.

Wing it

Although this pairing guide was created to help guide your taste, at the end of the day you must follow your cravings to reach satisfaction. Join us at TimeOut Tavern for our Wing Wednesday Special and put this list to the test.



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