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Minnesota Brewery Spotlight: Schell’s Brewery

Schell’s Brew Master Legacy

Schell’s Brewery has one of the oldest and most compelling brewing backgrounds in America. German-born August Schell founded Schell’s Brewery in 1860 with ambitions to supply German beer. The Schell family’s commitment to quality and exceptional taste experience continues to thrive 160-years later.

Minnesota brewery Schell's campus showing outside of building

The evolution of Schell’s Brewery developed through the losses and triumphs connected to history. In an effort to survive prohibition, Schell’s said goodbye to beer and hello to the production and sales soft drinks, candy, and non-alcoholic ‘near beer’. After managing to stay afloat until 1933 when prohibition was lifted, Schell’s business had outlasted most of their previous competitors. The transition back into the production and sales of quality German brewing was made easy and rejoiced by many!

The Art of Brewing: Schell’s Original Craft Beer

Along with being a pioneer for breweries in America, Schell’s was also the first brewery to tackle the production of original craft beer in Minnesota. Beginning in the 80s and into the 90s, Schell’s continues to dish out exceptional flavors; specifically, their renowned German craft lagers.

Schell’s continues to honor German roots within their craft brews. Check them out:

Year-Round Crafts

These four German craft beers are available year-round and can be enjoyed during every season. The award-winning Firebrick Vienna Style Amber Loger, No Frills German-Style Pilsner, Fresh Prints Cold IPA Pale Ale, and the American Dark Lager are all staples of Schell’s year-round brews.

Seasonal Crafts & Extended Seasonal Crafts

Schell’s features four main seasonal craft beers along with one extended seasonal craft beer all created to satisfy your evolving seasonal taste. The seasonal crafts are modified every year and new flavors are in constant rotation. The two seasonal winter crafts along with the Octoberfest fall craft are no longer available but RUSH to get your hands on the last of this year’s spring and summer seasonal crafts. Schell’s Lake Escape Kölsch-Style Ale is what everyone will be reaching for this summer in the land of 1,000 lakes. Schell’s describes this brew as “A clean, crisp, delicately balanced beer with a very subtle fruit and hop character. Well-attenuated and refreshing finish.” The next seasonal brew was loved so much, its season got extended! Schell’s Sangria Red Citrus Lager will instantly transfer you into vacation mode. Schell’s describes this brew as “refreshingly sweet and full of juicy citrus flavor.”

Legacy Series & Limited Brews

The Legacy Series are three classic brews created to stand alongside the brewing legacy created by August Schell himself. These brews hold deep ties to Schell’s humble origins that can be traced back to the late 1800s and into the early 1900s. First up is Schell’s Pre-Prohibition American Lager with a “mild malt flavor hop bitterness, and uses our special strain of ‘Schell’ yeast to make it an upper Midwest favorite.” Next up is Schell’s Light American Lager. This is a great choice for someone looking for the classic beer taste without extra calories. Originally created to cater towards the low carb diet fad of the early 2000s, this American Lager is still a crowd favorite. This legacy list wouldn’t be complete without Schell’s Amber Red American Lager. Built through the evolution of Schell’s Brewery, this Amber is not the exact pre-prohibition recipe yet stays strikingly authentic.

This year’s limited brew is already off the shelves but keep an eye out for their innovative and experimental brews released periodically throughout next year.

Starkeller Collection

The Starkeller Collection is a collection of one-of-a-kind Berlin-style wheat beers, also known as Berliner Weisse. This collection of Berlin-style beer is produced and handled with the utmost of care and every level of production is accounted for. Each bottle is hand-filled, hand-labeled, and bottle conditioned after a long fermentation process in tanks bought by Schell’s in 1936. Schell’s offers five specialty flavors including Raspberry Berliner Weisse, Peach Berliner Weisse, Mixed-Culture Berlin-Style Wheat Sour, Mango Passion Fruit + Guava Berliner Weisse, and Berliner Weisse Brewed with Oats. This collection can be found at select liquor stores.

Find Your Favorite Beer: Schell’s Interactive Beer Locator

Schell’s continues to be innovators in brewing and business functions. To help customers find their favorite custom brews, Schell’s implements an online tool via their website to find your favorite customs based on availability and location. Easy user interface makes this website easy to use in turn making it easy to find the beer of your dreams.

Check out Schell’s website and online beer locator.

Margarita Flatbread and moscow mule

Schell’s Legacy

As a historic and respected brewery, Schell’s deserves a spot on your summer drink list. Experience its legacy and exceptional brews firsthand with us at TimeOut Tavern! For Schell’s, every sip is a travel through time and a celebration of heritage. Pair legacy with a delicious meal on our menu. Cheers to the passion, innovation, and enduring spirit that make Schell’s Brewery a gem in the world of craft beer.



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