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Tonka Vodka: Helping to Fight Against Cancer

A handle of Tonka Vodka. Simple background.

Owned by two families, Chad & Anne and Todd & Becca, Tonka Vodka is more than just a brand; it's a few personal journeys fueled by a commitment to make a difference. At the heart of this commitment lies a powerful story of resilience and compassion that unfolded when Anne, one of the owners, faced a breast cancer diagnosis in December of 2022. 

A Personal Battle 

Cancer isn't just a distant concept for the owners of Tonka Vodka; it's an adversary that has touched their lives in so many ways. Chad's family, in particular, has faced the challenges of cancer on multiple occasions– from ovarian cancer claiming the lives of his great grandma and grandma to his Grandpa Gene battling melanoma. Chad's mother, Joyce, has fought against both breast cancer and melanoma, while his aunts Eileen, Leann, and Janet have faced their own battles with breast cancer, with Leann bravely overcoming it twice. 

Anne's Journey 

The turning point for Tonka Vodka's charitable mission came when Anne, co-owner of the distillery, received a breast cancer diagnosis in December 2022. Determined to confront the challenges ahead, Anne underwent a double mastectomy on January 30, 2023. The journey was marked not only by medical procedures but also by the outpouring of support from friends, church, and crucially, cancer organizations. 

Community Support 

The importance of community support during Anne's battle cannot be overstated. Friends, church, and organizations like Rhino's Foundation ( and River Falls Sunshine Fund played an instrumental role. The generosity extended through meals and support, providing comfort during the countless doctor appointments that followed the surgery. Inspired by this support, the owners of Tonka Vodka now aim to give back to organizations that help during times of need.


Tonka Vodka's Philanthropic Mission 

Tonka Vodka proudly carries forward its commitment to the fight against cancer. In honor of Anne's journey and the broader impact of cancer on the community, Tonka Vodka donates 10% of all profits from its sales to cancer charities. This financial support aids both cancer research and provides assistance to patients and their families, aligning Tonka Vodka with organizations that made a difference in their own time of need. 


Every sip of Tonka Vodka carries with it a mission – a commitment to supporting the fight against cancer. As you raise your glass at Time Out Tavern in La Crescent, MN, know that you're not just enjoying a drink; you're contributing to a cause. 

Tonka Vodka isn't just your regular drink—it's an award-winning gem crafted with care from the purest water and finest grain. Distilled nine times, it brings a crisp, silky touch to your palate. So, next time you stop by Time Out Tavern for a vodka soda, a bloody mary, or your favorite drink, think of Tonka. 


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